Parent Resources

Please take a moment and check out a few of these wonderful online resources for parents.

Testing Taking Tips:

  • One Month Before Testing: Ask how you yourself are feeling about the test as a parent. Are you anxious and/or stressed? Or, are you feeling calm? Either way, be aware that our own thoughts and feelings as parents are often times transferred to our children without even meaning to do so. If you notice that your own stress levels are running high, remind yourself that as the parent, you want to be the soft place to land for your child’s stress. Also, remind your child and yourself that standardized tests are a snapshot of student learning – not the end all, be all.
  • One Week Before: Add some fun, physical activity to the family routine. Grab the bikes and go for a ride, or lace up the sneakers and walk the dog together. Physical activity will not only help your child gain energy, but it will also help them snooze better when bedtime rolls around.
  • One Night Before: Do a light review or practice of the test material, but then have some fun! Spending the whole evening doing stressful cramming will only make anxiety levels continue to rise, and will most likely not help any scores, either. Planning a fun family activity will help to take everyone’s mind off of the test as well.
  • On the Morning Of: Let’s get Back to Basics. We cannot forget our old friend Maslow and his hierarchy of needs. Making sure things are taken care of physiologically, first, is so very important. Make sure your little one has had a good night’s sleep, along with a healthy breakfast that is low in sugar. Too much sugar at breakfast time could create a "sugar crash" later on in the morning or afternoon. Additionally, try not to run late. In fact, be 10 minutes early if possible. Having to be in a rush in the morning adds to stress levels for some children, and getting into school a few minutes early may make them feel much better.
  • During the Test:
    • Back to Maslow – Remind your kiddos to breathe. Slow, deep breaths truly help to calm the nerves and enable us to think more clearly. It also helps to close our eyes, and count backwards as we breathe.
    • Positive Self-Talk – Encourage your child to talk to themselves. The power of positive thought is truly helpful. Remember The Little Engine That Could? Tell your child to be like the Little Engine, and repeat positive self-talk to themselves during the test if they begin to feel nervous. For example – "I am so prepared for this," or "I am going to do awesome!" Anything works!

College & Career Readiness:

CHOICES: Palm Pointe strives to ensure that all students are college and career ready. Please use the CHOICES Explorer link below to help your child make informed educational decisions for high school. This is a great way to excite students as they bring real-world context to life.

School Assignment: Please visit this link,, if you have questions about school assignments. You will find a high school zone map as well as detailed instructions on the high school application process.

Homework Help:



American School Counselor Association (Resources for Parents)

Florida School Counselor Association

Guidance Services

The services that are provided by Palm Pointe's professional school counselors are linked directly back to the American School Counselor Association National Standards for Students which is also aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Palm Pointe's professional school counselors provide many services for your child. One of those is the Student Success Skills research based program that will help students develop the academic, social and self-management skills they need to be successful. The program has a classroom and small group component that focuses on goals setting, performing under pressure, building a caring and encouraging community, begin a good listener and noticing small improvements.

  • High Hopes for Kids: Small group counseling has started for children who are experiencing the emotional consequences of divorce or separation within their family. A trained counselor meets weekly with small groups of students on the Palm Pointe campus to address fear, anger and anxieties that come with divorce and separation. If you are interested, please contact us.
  • Uniform Assistance:
    Contact one of us if you are in need of gently used uniforms for your child. We can provide you with those uniforms or provide a referral to Hope’s Closet 4 Children where you can shop for free for your children.

Common Core State Standards

As I'm sure you are aware, educational changes have been made. Common Core State Standards have been implemented to help ensure that your child and all children are college and career ready. This simple video will help you understand just what this means.

Below are a few additional links that will help you gain a better understanding of this educational shift.